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This is a perfect job for The Silent Paint Remover™.   These are "before" pictures of a house showing severe paint failure. The painter removed 270Lb of paint from one side of the house. The painter estimated that the entire house held approximately 1200lb of paint. This is an astonishing amount of paint. Can you imagine where that volume of paint would end up with any other paint removing system?


The siding is ready for the primer. Thin the first coat and the second coat goes on undiluted. Make sure the primer is dry before the topcoat goes on. We removed many of the nails holding the siding so we can replace them with stainless steel screws.


A surprise was hiding under the paint. No one knew that there had been a window in the living room a long time ago. You can see the clapboards spliced into the siding.


The double doors. Nat Martin (the owner) used a simple process to remove paint almost completely from this double door made from American Chestnut. Heat and scrape as much paint as you can, then apply a mixture of boiled linseed oil mixed with 20 to 30% mineral spirits. Do not use "turpentine" when diluting boiled linseed oil. Turpentine will leave a residue after it dries that is not recommended and may have negative impact on the adhesion of various paint. Let the mineral spirits evaporate. Allow it to sit for at least a few hours (heating mineral spirits is not a good idea). Reheat and buff with medium steel-wool. The steel-wool will soak up the linseed oil and the paint residue. There will be small traces of paint left but 99% will be gone. The very small traces of paint will give it some character.


Before and After. This window required special attention. Water had gone under the failing paint and done some damage. Painter John Brady fixed it up and you can see the result.


The end result. The owner is very pleased with the result and The Silent Paint Remover™ may be the best tool invented in recent years to actually save the environment tremendously. The painter estimated that approximately 270 lbs. of lead paint was removed from one side of this house.


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