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Window Restoration: Restore Wooden Windows with The Silent Paint Remover™.

Now, with the Silent Paint Remover it is well worth the effort required to restore old wooden windows. To replace quality wood windows like this is almost impossible and very expensive. New replacement windows today will not last nearly as long as these old windows. We hope to bring more understanding about the restoring old windows instead of listening to the window salesman, who only what to sell you new replacement windows. The salesman never lets you know that you can restore the old sashes!

Before restoration. This window needed desperate attention for restoration.



Carefully open sealed windows. Heat the sash edges with the Silent Paint Remover and use our Window and Clapboard Opener to easily open any window painted shut. This tool is a great for releasing any window or seam painted shut. Just heat with infrared and run the tool in the seam. Remove all paint to the surface of the wood. Remove the window sashes.


Remove the window glazing. Heat the window glazing with the Silent Paint Remover. Immediately remove the paint - and as soon as possible - scrape the inside sash edge to remove the window glazing with the Chisel with Roller tool. This is a very useful tool for window restoration.

These are the tools that work well. We used a clapboard scraper, triangular scraper, chisel with roller and the Silent Paint Remover for removing all paint and glazing on this window.


Our Ultimate Professional Restoration Tool Kit includes all of the restoration tools you could ever need - and an ingenious tool case too.

Remove the glass. Once all paint is removed on both sides and all glazing pins are removed the glass can be taken out. The glass should not be forced out. If there is any resistance re-heat the glass slightly until any window glazing of silicone caulk releases. Do not apply any pressure on the glass because it may cause the glass to break.

Remove all old paint and clean the glass.




Sand and apply primer. Do a light hand sanding to make sure the edge is clean and ready for the first coat of linseed oil primer - a long lasting base for the topcoats.



Boiled linseed oil can be injected into seams and creates a perfect rot resistance. If you can wait for the linseed oil to dry.



Apply the linseed oil primer on the edge where the glass comes in contact. Make sure it dries a day or two in room temperature. Clean off the glass with a glass scraper before reinstalling the glass.






Apply caulk. When the primer is dry, apply a paintable window caulk. Use a good quality caulk. This step replaces the use of glazing pins. The window caulk will hold the glass in place. You will also get a good seal around the glass edge.

Replace window glass. Replace the glass and press it onto the caulk, gently. Let it settle for a day before you removing the excess caulk and before applying the window glazing.






The Silent Paint Remover makes it possible to remove paint on all wood surfaces and is very effective on wooden windows and doors.


Here we have removed all the paint around the exterior of the window frame using the Silent Paint Remover. We are finding very old wood under the many layers of paint in excellent condition. This house was built 1912.

It is amazing the quality of the wood that was used those days. This restoration is really worth the effort.


Finish the job. Finish restoration with two coats of linseed oil primer and two coats of 100% acrylic topcoat. Make sure you paint approximately 1/8" onto the glass to ensure a good seal between the glass and the sash.


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