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SpotHeater Infrared Paint Remover Rentals.

Call (866) 516-7787.

We offer The SpotHeater Infrared Paint Remover for rent by the day at the following rates per day:

SpotHeater Infrared Paint Remover SH1000 - $35.00 / day
SpotHeater Window Lamp SH800 - $45/day

To make the arrangement or for more details please call: (866) 516-7787 or email: .


  • Cost per day: $35.00 or $45.00 depending on desired model.
  • Applicable shipping costs.
  • You will not be charged for the days the tool is in transit.
  • A deposit is required equal to the full value of the tool, and the rental amount plus any applicable extra fees are deducted once the tool is returned and inspected.

Rules and Criteria. The tool is inspected prior to being shipped to the customer making sure it is in working order. If you find the tool damaged when it arrives, please contact us immediately. When the tool is returned we will, again, inspect it and make sure that the tool is not returned damaged. Tools that have been damaged will be repaired and the expense charged to the customer. We will contact you as soon as possible if this scenario occurs. If a rental tool is returned with broken bulbs a $100 repair cost will be charged to the customer. Make sure the tool is returned in the same packaging as it was received in order to prevent freight damages.


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