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Testimonials from Our Customers

Scott Dennison from Wisconsin: I recently purchased the Silent Paint Remover and wish to let you know that this is the BEST paint removal system I have ever used! If you get any inquiries from potential buyers wanting independent verification, have anyone get in touch with me and I'll give them the story. - Scott Dennison

Shawn Hicks from Michigan: I just wanted to let you know that I have been officially converted from a heat gun idiot to a Silent Paint Remover Genius. I also bought your scrapers plus the Hands Free Attachment. I stripped more paint off my 100 + year old house in 4 hours with your tools than I did the old fashioned way in 4 DAYS! - Shawn Hicks

Tanya Reasor from Oregon: We received the Silent Paint Remover & are soooooo impressed with it! We hoped it would work well, assumed it would work adequately and are BLOWN away by the fact that it actually works as advertised! It is so easy! Thank you so much! - Tanya Reasor

Ann Kendal from Maine: I started a section on the rear of the building, to set a procedure and develop my skill. The top board had not peeled and the undisturbed lead paint came off easily (like cake icing) Impressive! I'm just 80 years old & the work is neither strenuous nor boring. It is satisfying because it accomplishes the task in one passing. It is clean and dry work (thank goodness, no chemical goo). The chips are easily contained. I really enjoy scraping away for a few hours at a time. This is a user-friendly technology; many of us cannot afford to pay the pros to strip paint. - Ann Kendal

Stephanie Faucher from Massachusetts: I purchased the Silent Paint Remover last year to strip our very large Victorian house. The house was built in 1873 & has several layers of crusted old paint. My husband & I are doing this job all on our own & after taking into consideration all of the pros & cons of various paint removal methods, we decided to purchase your products and accessories. We have completed a few small sections and so far it works WONDERFULLY! Thank You! - Stephanie Faucher



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